Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Sweet Love of Football and Homecoming

Well, here it is in all its glory...the beloved and adored homecoming mum. Cheaply made but highly overpriced ribbons and plastic charms...but yet we (as school aged girls) cherish them so. I have to say that once they are put together, if done right, they turn out quite gorgeous (that may just be the southern girl coming out in me). Can you believe that one of these beauties has a proud price tag of about $120!!! It is well worth it considering how proud it makes a young girl feel.
I do have to say that I have had this finished now for about a week but I have become so busy I have neglected my precious blog. I do feel that I must let you know what my crazy life consists of so maybe I will get some sympathy from somebody ; ) I am of course still working full time (how can you not in today's times), I am taking violin lessons weekly, my husband and I are taking dance lessons (country dance for those who are curious), and I am now officially working on my bachelor degree. I have decided to take only one class this semester...good thing because there is enough work involved to make up for a full time college schedule!!! On top of all that mess we are trying to buy our first home. I have to say...trying to find the right home for the right price is a major stressor!!! OH BOY...I am going to be doing a lot of preying this semester...I am already feeling a little overloaded and it has just only begun. But, enough complaining and carrying that I have it out you won't hear it again.