Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What a Weekend

As I sit here this morning drinking my coffee and watching HGTV I can't help but think about the great weekend we had. We took a trip to San Antonio to see a concert. The line up was Randy Rogers Band, LeAnn Womack, Reba, and George Strait. I have to admit I was not very excited to see Reba...but that girl can sing!!! She is worth seeing even if you don't like her music. As always George Strait was absolutely amazing!!! We took my baby sister (about to be 15) with us which was an adventure of its own. She is great fun!!! Of course, we had to do things like see the Alamo (which we have done a million times), and hang around the river walk. The greatest part of the trip was eating Bar-B-Q on the river walk at 1 am after the concert...how fun that was!!! The wild flowers were just gorgeous on the way down and back. Although the trip was a blast I am so glad to be home again sipping coffee...but now I am off to work...hope ya'll have a wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Best One Yet??

Well, you guessed it....another diaper bag. These things are getting quite popular. I have to admit that this one is my most favorite. I used a burberry patterned pink fabric on the outside. The inside is what brings it all together with the black fabric. I made this bag as a gift for my hair dresser. My major issue was she wanted me to pick out the fabric. There are so many amazing fabrics that the decision was a tough one...especially when it's for someone besides yourself. I do have to say though that it turned out great and I'm sure she is going to love it!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Breathing Easy

Spring, good music, and road trips...one of the many things in life that makes me sigh with pure happiness!!! What a wonderful time of year it is. We are planning several fun adventures for this spring and summer, including several concerts. We will start off with Elton John this coming Friday (one of those once in a lifetime events...really...how often does he come to Texas!!!) We will then go see George Strait in May along with Reba, Leann Womack and the fabulous Randy Rogers Band. If you have not heard of Randy Rogers Band I suggest you check them out. Texas country is HOT no matter what state you live in, and these guys prove that point. This last weekend we ventured to the lake for some fun and fishing. Along with catching several bass we also saw a few Indian writings...WOW...nothing else can be said. And of course I have been sewing...diaper bags as usual...but everyone around seems to be having babies!!! Well, I am going to make a better effort to post more...hopefully once a week but no less than every other week...we will see how long I can keep that up ; )

Monday, January 11, 2010

Thanks To Angry Chicken

I have just recently made ANOTHER zebra apron just like in my last post. I have say they are quite popular and I am so thrilled that everyone likes them. Special thanks goes out to Amy Karol and her Angry Chicken blog for an awesome how to on bias tape. The usual method is so frustrating. She makes it easy and achievable. Without her video my aprons would not be successful!!! Here's the link so you can take a look: http://angrychicken.typepad.com/angry_chicken/2008/03/bias-tape-tutor.html

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Zebra Apron

I am finally back to sewing since moving to our new home!!! This apron was made for one of my co-workers to give as a Christmas gift. It couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. I have made this apron before but with upholstery like fabric. This time I used regular cotton fabric and it was easier to sew and looked so much better too. I am now thinking of making one for myself...but maybe with different fabric. I have posted this apron on my etsy site for anyone that loves it...just click on the link on the left to be directed to my page.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Wow, I can't believe it has been since September!!! I must say that I do have a good excuse though. My husband and I are official first time home owners!!!!! The moment I have been waiting for...we are now apart of the American dream. It is an old ranch house that was built in the 40's. There was lots of udating done by the owners before us. This charmer has so much character...now all we have to do is decorate to our taste. The back yard is wonderful and as you can see...beautiful sunsets. If anyone has any pointers or cute decorating ideas please send them my way.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Sweet Love of Football and Homecoming

Well, here it is in all its glory...the beloved and adored homecoming mum. Cheaply made but highly overpriced ribbons and plastic charms...but yet we (as school aged girls) cherish them so. I have to say that once they are put together, if done right, they turn out quite gorgeous (that may just be the southern girl coming out in me). Can you believe that one of these beauties has a proud price tag of about $120!!! It is well worth it considering how proud it makes a young girl feel.
I do have to say that I have had this finished now for about a week but I have become so busy I have neglected my precious blog. I do feel that I must let you know what my crazy life consists of so maybe I will get some sympathy from somebody ; ) I am of course still working full time (how can you not in today's times), I am taking violin lessons weekly, my husband and I are taking dance lessons (country dance for those who are curious), and I am now officially working on my bachelor degree. I have decided to take only one class this semester...good thing because there is enough work involved to make up for a full time college schedule!!! On top of all that mess we are trying to buy our first home. I have to say...trying to find the right home for the right price is a major stressor!!! OH BOY...I am going to be doing a lot of preying this semester...I am already feeling a little overloaded and it has just only begun. But, enough complaining and carrying on...now that I have it out you won't hear it again.