Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Long Road of Quilting

I have officially begun what I have been anticipating for sooooo long. I finally get to work on the Texas quilt that I have recently mentioned. I first saw an add for it in a magazine several months ago. This is the type I have been dying to do ever since I decided I was going to be a quilter. It is a block of the month and will last a total of 13 months!!! A lot of it is done by hand which I think really adds a special touch you don't see much anymore. I can tell you, as much work that is going to go into this (especially since so much is by hand) it will be a wall hanging quilt rather than one I will use. I am so excited and can't wait to post my progress as I complete each block.

Friday, March 20, 2009

No Worries, I'm Still Alive

Okay, okay...I know I said I would post pictures as soon as I got back from my trip...but what can I say...I have been extremely lazy!!!! After a jam packed weekend and a very busy work week I have wanted to do absolutely nothing. The trip was so much fun. On Friday we went to Sea World. It was cold and rainy so we were one of the only ones in the park...perfect. As you can see we got up close and personal with some cute friends. The rodeo was awesome. This picture was the best one we got. It is mostly people's heads we don't know but you can see a little bit of George in there. We did get to shake his hand though!!!!!!!! I was in utter disbelief...and yes, I have washed my hand. It was a blast and every George Strait fan/rodeo fan should go at least once in there lifetime...ESPECIALLY YOU MOM!!! Let me know if you want details about were it is and how to get tickets if you are ever interested.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Off For a Fun Weekend

I have to say that I am extremely excited for a great fun filled weekend. We are heading to San Antonio to go enjoy George Strait's team roping rodeo!!!! It will defiantly be different seeing George and not getting to hear him sing at all...but maybe/hopefully he will surprise us. I will be sure to post any pictures when we get back into town. Along with that we will be going to Sea World since neither my husband or I have been since we were little bitty. We are just going to act like big kids all weekend ; ) Also, an update on my sewing adventures: I should be starting a block of the month quilt hopefully next week. It is going to be a heart of Texas quilt which will include block with the Alamo, bluebonnets, pump jacks, longhorns, and several other things that will be hand sewn. I have been waiting to start this quilt for months!!!! When I get back into town I will post up my diaper bags and the zebra apron on my Etsy site ( ) so I may have more orders soon too. Have a great weekend!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ooh Baby Baby

This baby/diaper bag is soooooo cute. I whipped this one out in just one weekend!!!!! I was a little challenging but a great lesson learned right.....just like everything else in life. I did learn that on the next one I do I need to not make the elastic so tight on the inner pockets. As you can see by the picture it causes it to pull on the sides some. It still looks great though. And by the way, this is an Amy Butler bag from her book Little Stitches. I have to say that I absolutely love all of her designs!!! Right now at this point I don't have any more orders to sew anything else. Maybe I can work on something for myself or hopefully get some more requests. I love making things for other people; it is such a joy!!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

At Last

The aprons are now complete. The zebra apron has really come together not that the pockets are added and name embroidered. Believe it or not I am ready to conquer another!!! The few people who have seen it really love it and are wanting me to make them one. It is cute in the picture but even better in person!!! The camo apron is now finnished too. It is so manly compared to the zebra one. I had the name on it embroidered in bright orange which really completes it. My next task is an Amy Butler diaper bag from her Little Stitches book. I am sooooo excited about this one and post up my progress as it comes along.