Friday, March 20, 2009

No Worries, I'm Still Alive

Okay, okay...I know I said I would post pictures as soon as I got back from my trip...but what can I say...I have been extremely lazy!!!! After a jam packed weekend and a very busy work week I have wanted to do absolutely nothing. The trip was so much fun. On Friday we went to Sea World. It was cold and rainy so we were one of the only ones in the park...perfect. As you can see we got up close and personal with some cute friends. The rodeo was awesome. This picture was the best one we got. It is mostly people's heads we don't know but you can see a little bit of George in there. We did get to shake his hand though!!!!!!!! I was in utter disbelief...and yes, I have washed my hand. It was a blast and every George Strait fan/rodeo fan should go at least once in there lifetime...ESPECIALLY YOU MOM!!! Let me know if you want details about were it is and how to get tickets if you are ever interested.

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