Thursday, March 12, 2009

Off For a Fun Weekend

I have to say that I am extremely excited for a great fun filled weekend. We are heading to San Antonio to go enjoy George Strait's team roping rodeo!!!! It will defiantly be different seeing George and not getting to hear him sing at all...but maybe/hopefully he will surprise us. I will be sure to post any pictures when we get back into town. Along with that we will be going to Sea World since neither my husband or I have been since we were little bitty. We are just going to act like big kids all weekend ; ) Also, an update on my sewing adventures: I should be starting a block of the month quilt hopefully next week. It is going to be a heart of Texas quilt which will include block with the Alamo, bluebonnets, pump jacks, longhorns, and several other things that will be hand sewn. I have been waiting to start this quilt for months!!!! When I get back into town I will post up my diaper bags and the zebra apron on my Etsy site ( ) so I may have more orders soon too. Have a great weekend!!!

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