Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Long Lost but Now Found

I know, I know it seems as if it has been a lifetime since I have posted anything. I would have to say that I have been a bit of a slacker. There are several things I am working on at this time including a scrub top, burberry look alike purse, the block of the month quilt, and violin lessons (yes, I said violin lessons...I will go more into that another day). The most important project I am working on right now is another diaper bag. Actually two of them (but both will be exactly the same). These bags are just way too adorable. I have been working on them tirelessly
and trying to make them perfect. So far so good. The fabric is way cute. The bags are for baby girls and instead of the boaring same old pink it is mostly green with pink, yellow, and cream. Let me know what you think so far. I will post more pictures and give more details when I am finnished.

1 comment:

  1. This is great! I love the colors! It is really nice to meet you Kriston. I am making a diaper bag for my friend and it is Green, Purple and a little bit of Fushia. I am sure I will have photos of it soon.

    Keep up the good work! And I will see you around the computer world.