Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Here We Go Again

Well, here we go again with another diaper bag. Have I mentioned that I love making these yet?....because I do!!!! But, I do apologize if it is getting old with all the repetition. It does give my customers an insight on the progress of their bags though. If you will recall, I stated a few posts ago that I would tell ya'll about my new adventure (and I mean ADVENTURE) of taking on violin lessons. What possessed me to all of a sudden do this you ask?...Well, I love hearing the fiddle more than anything else. In the back of my mind I have been wanting to learn. Well, come to find out, a guy that my husband works with has a fiance who plays...and she is REALLY good. Next thing I know, I am taking lessons. It is sooooo fun. The sad thing is I can get on youtube and there are 3 and 4 year olds playing the things that I am learning. But, I guess it's never to late for a new hobby. I just wonder sometimes...why do I keep adding more and more to my busy life....I guess because it keeps me going and entertained...but like I always say...my sewing is my sanity!!!

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  1. Again, I really like the fabrics you picked out. Do you go to a big box store (JoAnn) or do you go to a small shop for your fabrics? I would love to say that I go to small shops all the time...but those fabrics as cute as they are are really expensive. I end up spending 80 on fabric for one bag that I totally could have gone to the warehouse or JoAnn and spent 15$ I wish I could support my small shop as I love it so much.